Free Crochet Pig Pattern

Pig is one of the most liked animals, especially by kids. They love the way this cute animal looks at them. So, I’ve tried to put together a list of cute and cosy crochet pig patterns that you can use to give your kids some unique clothes to wear.

By following a sophisticated pig pattern series, you can make cute and stylish things for your baby to wear and for your home. You’ll love the cute set of crochet pig patterns and want to make them all for yourself and to give as gifts. These crochet pig patterns are the best way to get better at crocheting and make cute toys for your kids. You can follow the description and links below for a full written pattern and stitch guide.

Use these crochet pig patterns as a guide to make cute and adorable toys and decorations for your children and your home.

Free Crochet Spike The Pig Lovey Pattern:

A cute crochet lovey with the cute pig in its center looks so adorable; when you’re looking for a unique gift-giving accessory for your baby, this crochet pig will be the best choice for you. Its softer texture makes this lovey pattern quite adorable and best for children’s use. The Aran weight yarn and (g/j) size crochet hook will need to create this cute blanket pattern.


  • Big Twist Value Yarn, Medium Worsted Weight 4 (100% Acrylic, 371 yds, 6 oz) Medium Rose, 1 skein- approx. 220 yds, Small amount of Taupe for eyes and nostrils
  • G/6 4.25mm hook
  • J/10 6.0mm hook
  • Polyfil Stuffing
  • Needle, for weaving end


  • Ch- Chain
  • St(s)-Stitch(es)
  • Sl st- Slip Stitch
  • SC- Single Crochet
  • DEC- Single Crochet Decrease, Using the Invisible Decrease method, insert hook up through front loops of next 2 stitches, yarn over, pull through front loops, yarn over, pull through to finish decrease
  • 2SC- Single Crochet Increase- 2 SC in same stitch to increase
  • BPSC- Back Post Single Crochet
  • FPSC-Front Post Single Crochet
  • DC- Double Crochet
  • 2DC- Double Crochet Increase- 2 DC in same stitch to increase
  • HDC- Half Double Crochet
  • SC3TOG- SC decrease over 3 stitches


Playful Pig Scrubby Crochet Pattern:

Playful Pig Scrubby Crochet Pattern

Make this playful crochet scrubby pattern for your bathroom or kitchen use; you’ll love the coziness of it nad its texture will be so admirable. It’ll be hard on stained dishes, and you’ll love the coziness of red heart scrubby cotton yarn; try it once, you’ll surely love the snuggly effect of it.


  • Red Heart Scrubby Cotton yarn
  • Ecru sewing thread
  • Sewing needle


Pig Slippers Crochet Pattern:

Slippers Pattern

The children will love wearing the cute and soft crochet pig styled slipper on their feet. The coziness of these adorable crochet slippers will be best to keep your baby’s feet warm and snuggly. If there is a baby shower in your coming routine, this crochet slipper pattern will be a memorable gift-giving choice. Make these cute crochet slippers in pink colored yarn or your desired color combination of matching to your children’s wardrobe.