Free Crochet Frankenstein Patterns

Crocheters! Are you ready to meet your new Disney friend who makes Halloween creepier and scarier? You’re wrong if you think monsters don’t need friends and companions, because they can also be your best friends. Say hello to your lovely friend Frankenstein and bring him or her home with our cute and interesting Crochet Frankenstein Patterns.

All of these patterns are very different from one another, which gives you more chances to see your friend in different ways and use them for different things, like decorating for Halloween or giving toys as gifts. These little monsters won’t hurt you. In fact, they’ll stick around and be your loyal friends. You can even cuddle with them before bed.

Make a Crochet Frankenstein doll Pattern or Frankenstein Marshmallow Keychains amigurumi patterns will be quite impressive cuddly toys or also add a fun and scary theme to your place on Halloween parties. And a Frankenstein flashlight holder crochet pattern that is easy to make will make your parties shine.

You can also make a hat in the same pattern to go with your Frankenstein costume. Guys, you will all enjoy this fun list of creepy-cute Halloween monster family members before the next Halloween comes so you can enjoy this holiday in a fun and exciting way without wasting time.

Other Crochet Patterns:

Crochet Frankie Stein Doll Free Pattern:

Make a softer cute doll for your little ones following this easier crochet Frankie stein pattern. It’s easy to make so will be a cool beginner-friendly pattern, you can use this Frankenstein for adding a superb embellished touch to your home décor, especially for the Halloween season. The given pattern s about 14 inches lengthy and perfect to pair with the blackboard for a Frankenstein tutor although you can change the size up to your will.


  • 3.25mm crochet hook / D hook
  • #4 medium weight yarn
  • stitch markers
  • Loading product data.tapestry needle
  • 8mm safety eyes
  • Polyfill stuffing


  • ch – chain
  • SC – single crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • HDC – half double crochet
  • sl – slip stitch


Marshmallow Keychains Free Pattern:

Crochet Frankenstein Marshmallow Keychains Free Pattern

Try this easy and fun to make crochet Frankenstein marshmallow keychain pattern for adding sophistication to your daily useful essentials. You can make multiple softie keychains following this pattern to add a super unique touch to your crochet collection. I suggest using solid colors for this keychain to make them look more admirable and unique, you can easily make a few keychains for your family members too within a few minutes.


  • Black medium weight (4) yarn (I used Red Heart Soft in black)
  • 6 mm safety eyes
  • Black sewing thread
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Keyring (optional)
  • Poly-fil
  • 4.5 mm crochet hook
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Stitch Marker


Flashlight Holder Pattern:

Free Flashlight Holder Pattern

Are you looking for some scary items to make your Halloween special and remarkable, then you surely have to try this crochet Frankenstein flashlight holder pattern. It will be a superb unique addition to your Halloween decorations plus a heartedly favorite one, especially if you’re hosting a party you can add several copies of this flashlight holder in different corners of your home for a magnificent outlook.



Free Crochet Frankenstein Hat Pattern:

Free Hat Pattern

Make a superb hilarious Frankenstein hat pattern for your toddler following this unique pattern, if your kid is participating in the Halloween drama then this hat will serve best to beautify his costume. Its creation is too easy and less time-consuming, you can go with your favorite color combo for it matching your child’s costume. It’ll be a superb alternative to the store-bought mask and other stuff plus you can customize it easily in your own way.