8 Beginner-Friendly Crochet Bralette Patterns

With this helpful guide, you’ll learn how to make a crochet bralette from the ground up, with a focus on the most common stitches used to make basic clothes. This book will take you step by step through everything you need to know to make your own stylish bralette, from simple instructions on how to start to helpful tips on how to measure and size. Even though the process may be fun, the best part is knowing that you now have a basic piece you can make whenever you want.

Here are some patterns for crocheting bralettes that will help you get started on your own collection. Our free pattern booklet has several stylish bralettes of different levels of difficulty, so you’ll be able to make even the most complicated lace designs quickly. This detailed crochet bralette pattern guide has fifteen different ways to make the garment, as well as the pros and cons of each.

We walk you through each pattern step by step and give you tips as we go. Find out which ones are best for beginners, find out which stitches are needed for each type of bralette, and learn how to make each one your own unique design. With these crochet bralette patterns and some simple materials, you can make a new project.

Crochet Bralette Patterns:

Right now, everyone is wearing bralettes, which are the perfect mix of cute lace and casual cotton. Once you get over your initial hesitation, you’ll find that they’re not only easier to make than they look, but also a good summertime treat for you or your friends. Crochet Bralette Patterns will teach you how to crochet a bralette, which is a bra without underwires. This has diagrams and instructions for making both a full-coverage bra and a shelf bra, as well as tutorials for adding details like lace and knotted straps.

We have patterns for all kinds of bralettes, like sports bras, strapless, halter tops, and crisscross. For each of our projects, we’ve included tips on how to measure your bust and how to do it right, so you won’t have to guess. If you choose your first project well, it can turn into a basic piece of clothing that goes with everything.

Other Patterns

The pretty Picot Bralette:

The Pretty Picot Bralette

The Picot Bralette is crocheted from the bottom up. It begins with a crocheted ribbed band and is worked to the desired bust size. The top of the bodice is shaped by increasing and decreasing and finished with picots. Optional removable/stretchy fabric-covered buttons are sewn into each side of the top for extra support. The pretty Picot Bralette is made up of small picot stitches, perfect for beginner to intermediate crocheters.

It has long spaghetti straps which are adjustable, an optional neck button for extra support, and a wide scoop neckline. It’s comfy, loose-fitting, easy to wear, and works well with high-waist pants or skirts. Plus it looks greatly layered under cardigans or blouses! It is a beautiful combination of a crochet top and bralette for a little bit of coverage. The pretty neckline is made using the Picot Stitch, and the optional removable fabric-covered buttons complete the look.


  • worsted weight (4) yarn
  • Size H/8-5mm
  • Scissors , tapestry needle


  • Ch = chain
  • st = stitch
  • dc = Double crochet
  • ch1 sp = chain 1 space

(via Carroway Crochet)

Bernat Crochet Festival Bralette:

Bernat Crochet Festival Bralette

Whoever said crochet was only for winter must never have tried crochet festival bralettes. The Bernat Crochet Festival Bralette is the perfect light summer top. The seamless construction makes it an easy sewing project for any level of a crocheter, while the lightly knit fabric ensures that it’s versatile enough to hang with your favorite rompers, jean shorts, or beach cover-up.

This simple and versatile crochet bralette is the perfect dress to wear under your festival “fit.” It’s designed to be pretty and simple, and the cropped version works well with all shirts and tanks, like your favorite “I Love Festival’s” shirt. This crochet bralette is perfect for festivals. It’s super cute and easy to make. If you want to be able to wear this as a top as well as a bralette, then I suggest sizing up one size from what you normally wear. If you want more of a bra-like fit, then stick to your normal size. Either way, it’s a great little item to have in your festival wardrobe.

(via Yarnspirations)

Crochet Basic Bralette Pattern:

Crochet Basic Bralette Pattern

Busy women on the go will love this basic bralette from Hanky Panky. The classic look features a chain detail, strappy back, and beautiful lace. The ultra-comfortable fit is comforting enough to sleep in while slightly revealing for that little extra confidence boost.

This Basic Bralette achieves a sporty and chic look with this simple and classic piece. Made of 100% cotton yarn, it features removable padding for extra support, which makes this bralette ideal whether you’re dancing on the stage or simply having fun under the sun! This demi-style bralette has clasps in the front and back. You will love the fact that you can wear this strappy accent on top of a tank top, but also underneath sheer tops and tees.


  • 3.50 mm hook
  • #4 weight cotton yarn
  • Stitch markers
  • Scissors & Tapestry Needle

Basic Bralette (via Regina Weiss)

Crochet Meadow Tie Top Pattern:

Crochet Meadow Tie Top Pattern

The Meadow Bralette top is super easy to make, and the free crochet pattern walks you through all the little details, like the fun back clasp. From the buttons to the bottom bow, you’ll love how simple and sweet this creation can be. Whether you’re making it for yourself, a family of friends, or this summer’s swimsuit line, the Meadow Bralette is a fabulous project that will have you watching out of the windows on warm days!

The tie top allows you to adjust based on your own bust size so you get the perfect fit every time. From the buttons to the bottom bow, this is a wonderful introduction to creating 3-D pieces. It can be made as a bralette top or a bikini top. This top works up quickly and has a simple design that you’ll love. You should definitely take a look at the crochet pattern.


  • Hooks – 5.0mm / US H/8
  • Stitch marker
  • Yarn Needle
  • 4 to 5 Buttons (½” to ¾” in size)
  • I This Love Yarn


  • ST – stich
  • CH – chain
  • HDC – half double crochet
  • BLOHDC – back loop only hdc
  • FLOHDC – front loop only hdc
  • HDC2tog – half double crochet two together

(via THNLife)

Crochet Hope Bralette Pattern:

Crochet Hope Bralette Pattern

Have you tried some Hope bralette? It’s part of our Heidi Heidi Hei collection and is an adorable take on the crochet cup bra. This cotton cup, the bralette is designed with you in mind. It’s very comfortable to wear and is warm enough to wear in the summer sun. It also looks like great undershirts when worn without straps. Sometimes you just need a little coverage, but you don’t need to give up the cutout entirely.

That’s where this Hope Bralette comes into play. For a classic look with a twist, try this bralette that builds on the standard crochet cup that you’ll see in many other patterns but adds a cut netted edging. It’s great for sunny days or even to wear as a bikini top! The Hope bralette is made with the same basic stitches you’ll find in many other patterns, but it also builds upon them. A simple edge cut out of lightweight crochet is worked around the entire outer edges, leaving open holes to create an interesting light texture. It really makes this classic look stand out.


  • #3 Light/DK weight yarn
  • Size C (3.0 mm) crochet hook
  • Scissors & yarn needle

(via What About Yarn)

Curvy Crochet Bralette Cup:

Curvy Crochet Bralette Cup

These crochet bralette cups are made with a larger bust in mind. Made with the intention of filling, creating a natural curve, and layering away unwanted bulges creating smooth lines. These crochet bra cups call for worsted weight yarn equivalent to light, medium, or worsted weight acrylic yarns. The Curvy Crochet Bralette Cups patterns are designed for women who need support and want the look of a bralette. The cup sizes range from 1x to 4x and will work with any standard bralette pattern.

They also only use the two most basic crochet techniques: single and double crochets. While a well-fitting bralette can be a difficult challenge, these crochet bralette cups take the discomfort out of the equation. They offer to shape and lifting for well-shaped, lifted breasts in sizes up to 3X. Enjoy under your summer dresses and trendy tops.

(via Crafty Madness)

Basic Crochet Bralette Cups:

The bralette cups are so on-trend right now. This basic crochet bra is perfect for creating your own trendy, comfortable crochet outfits. For sizes extra-small through large. You often have seen the bralette cups appear on plenty of patterns in crochet, like bikinis, bodysuits, tank tops, and dresses. This particular pattern is pretty straightforward because of the simplicity of the bralette cups. You can also use the bralette cups to design your own scoop-neck or V-neck dress, or even a full-coverage tank top.

The basic crochet bralette cups are versatile enough that you can do more with them than just use them for your undergarments. Although not as popular as its little sister the teeny bikini, the crochet bralette cups are equally as flirty and fun. The cups look especially sexy paired with a plain tank top, allowing you to show off what you’ve got. Where do we find them? You can find them in bikinis and simple baby doll dresses to spice up your closet.

Easy-to-follow Crochet Bralette Tutorial

This vintage tutorial from Krystal Everdeen shows you how to crochet a bralette for small and large-busted people. She lets her viewers in on her struggle with finding the perfect ones to wear and you get to witness it while she goes through the process of making it to match her body type. Enjoy while learning what else you can do to make one that fits you perfectly. This bralette is a free pattern from Krystal Everdeen! If you have been drooling over the beautiful yet pricey Lululemon sports bras, grab a hook and some yarn and give it a try.

It’s a great way to get the practice of cups without committing to a humongous project. The crochet bralette is the new favorite look, with girls around the world rocking their own designs. This beginner-friendly pattern is easy to follow, and Krystal Everdeen has you covered at every stage of the tutorial series.

(via Krystal Everdeen)