40 Free Crochet Bunny Patterns

Everyone wants to cuddle a rabbit because they are so cute and soft. But the truth is also long: they run very fast, and it seems hard to hold them for a long time or even whenever you want. So, people who like rabbits or bunnies have found a way to make them themselves, and we’ve put together this great collection of free crochet bunny patterns to reach out to you. With these free and easy-to-follow crochet bunny patterns, everyone can make their own favourite bunny.

It will be a fun and exciting addition to the kids’ toy collection, and it will also make a great gift. These are so adorable and wonderful. Because they are soft and squishy, your whole family, especially your kids, would love to have one in their room. Crochet bunny amigurumi patterns make great gifts for Easter, Spring, and other occasions. You can also wear crochet bunny patterns in different ways every day.

Crochet Bunny Patterns:

You can find these bunny patterns on crocheted blankets, hats, and other things. You can also decorate your home and walls with crochet bunny patterns. We have put together a list of beautiful and easy-to-make free crochet bunny patterns, like the crochet bunny cup cosy patterns, that range from fun to exciting ideas. You can also crochet bunny pillow patterns to add a festive touch to your home decor, and you can use bunny eggs to make your Easter preparations more fun.

So, no matter which pattern you choose, the lovely and cute details of bunnies and rabbits will make you smile and feel happy. This list of free crochet bunny patterns may come in handy for you. They are also easy to make because everyone, from beginners to experts, has perfect patterns. With a little yarn and a crochet bunny pattern, you can make gifts for your loved ones that are soft and beautiful.

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Crochet Bunny Rabbit Strawberry Cupcake:

This pattern for a cute, small crochet bunny is a work of art, perfect for adding a touch of beauty to your home decor. The cute look of this bunny makes it a favourite among children and the best choice to go with other cute gifts. You can easily change the size and colours of your bunny to make it fit any event, like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or something else. It will look like a beautiful cupcake, but you won’t be able to eat it.


Bunny Rabbit And Her Clothes:

Free Crochet Bunny Rabbit And Her Clothes

You can follow this stunning crochet bunny and dressing pattern to make a unique playing item for your beloved children. When you’re looking for a more straightforward crochet bunny pattern, then this crochet pattern will surely be there for you. This stuffed crochet bunny pattern is quite to make; you need the Carina Acrylic 8ply yarn and (2.5mm) crochet hook.


Velvet Bunny Lovey Pattern:

Free Crochet Velvet Bunny Lovey

Here we come with the most adorable and cozy crochet bunny pattern for your children to snuggle with; if you’re new to amigurumi, you have to try this crochet bunny pattern. It will be the best choice for you to get started with cute amigurumi patterns. You can use it as a blanket for children or a decorative piece for the home. It fits perfectly in every aspect.


Crochet Bunny Hair Tie Pattern:

Free Crochet Bunny Hair Tie

This crochet bunny pattern is made using the DK weight Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend yarn and (F) sized crochet hook. It will be the most fun and quick crochet bunny you’ve crocheted ever. You can also put this Crochet Bunny Hair Tie to make your easter gifts more admirable and special; your beloved ones will admire the beautification of these bunnies and relish your crocheting skills.


Crochet Bunny Wall Hanging Pattern:

Free Crochet Bunny Wall Hanging

Beautify your walls with this stunning crochet bunny pattern; it will be a great choice to add beautiful spring colors to your home décor. This cute crochet bunny pattern is made using the DK weight style craft special double knit yarn and (g) sized crochet hook. Use this superb pattern as a wall hanging or beautify your other crochet accessories. Please put your hands on this crochet pattern. You’ll surely admire it.


Crochet Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi:

Free Crochet Bunny Rabbit Amigurumi

This cute crochet bunny pattern will be the best choice for making a gift-giving crochet accessory. Its creation is quite easy; start with making the tummy and head together and then add the arms and ears with a sewing needle. The medium-weight yarn and (4mm) crochet hook is required to create this gorgeous crochet accessory; you can also add the desired colored decorations to your bunny to make it perfect according to your will.


Crochet Babble The Bunny Pattern:

Free Crochet Babble The Bunny

This cute crochet bunny pattern will be the best choice for adding easter decorations to your home. Its design s inspired b the cute rabbits, and your children will also love it. Making this crochet pattern works separately for every piece, and sewing them together will be a super easier crochet pattern. Use lighter-colored yarn for this crochet pattern to make your bunny more gorgeous.


Bunny Lovey Blanket Pattern:

Free Crochet Bunny Lovey Blanket

Crochet a cute, lovey pattern for your children using the Aran weight hobby lobby. I love this yarn! Solids, yarn, and (h) sized crochet hook. Its cute and soft color combination of pink and white will surely make it your favorite crochet accessory, and you’ll wish to make more copies of it for your use at home. Work as a simple star shp[aed blanket and then stitch the cute polyfill stuffed lovey on it. It will make your pattern look more admirable and unique.


Crochet Lazy Bunny:

Free Crochet Lazy Bunny

This crochet bunny pattern is trending nowadays; because of the softest solid colors and the simple design, you can easily crochet a piece of this cute bunny within a few minutes. Start working with the paintbox yarn cotton DK yarn using (b) sized crochet hook; you’ll surely enjoy creating this pattern. Make several bunnies to give as gifts and to beautify your home decor.


Crochet Best Bunny:

Free Crochet Best Bunny

Make this gorgeous crochet bunny pattern using the hayfield bonus DK extra value yarn and (g) sized crochet hook. Because of the simple design and the impressive shaping, it will be a superb accessory for use, work on each segment individually, and stitch them together; thus, it will be easier for you to work on smaller pieces. It will be a suitable choice for beginner to put their hands on amigurumi.


Crochet Deramores Bunny Rabbit:

Free Crochet Deramores Bunny Rabbit

Make your easter decorations more unique and special by adding this cute crochet Deramores bunny rabbit pattern and small-sized carrots in it. It will be an admirable crochet pattern, and you’ll surely enjoy making this stuffed bunny pattern. This pattern’s skill level will be intermediate; use the sport weight Deramores studio baby soft DK yarn and (3mm) crochet hook to get the medium-sized version of this great crochet pattern.


Crochet Bunny Easter Egg Shaker:

Free Crochet Bunny Easter Egg Shaker

Try this quick crochet bunny pattern to add beautiful masterpieces to your home; its creation is much easier and can be done within half an hour. Just bet the Aran weight-red heart super saver solids yarn and (g) sized crochet hook in your hand and start making it/ its creation will be a great choice to enhance your crocheting skills to the pro level.


Crochet Mini Bunny Amigurumi:

Free Crochet Mini Bunny Amigurumi

This little-sized bunny amigurumi is designed for adding fun and beautification to any home’s décor. It can work up quickly, work for the body, legs, and arms as a single piece, and then add the ears according to your desire. It would be a perfect choice to pair with your easter baskets gift or give alone as an Easter gift for children. Your little one will love to play with it, and the memories of this special day will be fresh in their mind for a long time.


Crochet Bunny Cup Cozy:

Free Crochet Bunny Cup Cozy

Add a cozy and unique crochet cup to your home by following this crochet bunny cup cozy pattern. Its creation is much easy, but its usabilities are limitless; the beautification of this cup cozy will make your cups beautiful and keep your hands protected from the hotness of coffee. For making this crochet cup cozy pattern, you’ll have to work in rounds with worsted weight lily sugar’s cream solids & denim yarn and (h) sized crochet hook.


Crochet Angel Bunny:

Free Crochet Angel Bunny

This gorgeous crochet bunny pattern will be a perfect choice to make an impressive-looking small-sized playing item for your child. The angel princess inspires its design; that’s why the wings have been added; you can work on this pattern part by part and then stitch them together. The Aran weight loops & threads impeccable solids yarn and (e) sized crochet hook is selected for this pattern changing yarn or hook may differ the finished size and will disturb your doll’s dressing.


Fluffy Bunny Pillow Cover Pattern:

Free Crochet Fluffy Bunny Pillow Cover Pattern

This softer and fluffy crochet bunny pillow pattern will be an excellent beautifying addition to your home décor. This crochet cushion pattern will be there for you when looking for a cozy accessory to make your sofa set comfortable. Get the supplies like Aran weight-red heart with love solids yarn, (h) size crochet to make this pattern. It will be an innovative crochet bunny pattern, and you’ll surely admire making it.


Corner Bunny Blanket Pattern:

Free Crochet Corner Bunny Blanket Pattern

Making a bunny shape over the c2c blanket will be a fun and enjoyable task, plus it will also be a unique addition to your home décor. You’ll need the medium-weight lion brand Vanna’s choice yarn and (h) sized crochet hook for making this exciting and unique crochet bunny pattern. You can also gift this amazing blanket to your loved ones to show their love and care.


Snuggle Bunny Pillows:

Free Crochet Snuggle Bunny Pillows Pattern

The cuteness of this crochet snuggle bunny pillow pattern will best enhance the beauty of your home décor with a fancy full touch. When looking for a stunning handmade snuggly pillow pattern, nothing can be perfect other than this unique crochet bunny pattern. It requires a super bulky weight lion brand 24/7 cotton yarn and (k) size crochet hook for its creation. You can also customize this crochet bunny pattern’s color combination to make it matchable to your home décor.


Crochet Classic Bunny Pattern:

Crochet Classic Bunny Pattern

Whether Easter or Christmas, a baby shower, or a birthday, your gift range will be incomplete without a cute crochet bunny pattern. Its superb softy texture, cute colo, and huggable size make it the best companion for your baby’s sleep. Get the lion brand homespun thick and quick yarn, (l) size crochet hook, and start making a beautiful crochet bunny pattern for yourself.


Layla Easter Bunny Egg Pattern:

Crochet Lalyla Easter Bunny Egg Pattern

Making beautiful eggs for Easter is trending nowadays, but we innovate this trend by converting them into cute crochet bunnies by adding ears and some shape-changing. It will be a fun and easier creation; get the milky cotton yarn (3mm) crochet hook and make this easier crochet bunny pattern. Mak several bunnies in different colors to make your home beautiful and unique.

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Crochet Big Flappy Ear Bunny Amigurumi Pattern:

Crochet Big Flappy Ear Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

This crochet bunny amigurumi pattern will be a superb softy partner for your child. Your baby will love to play all day with this snuggly crochet bunny pattern and will wish to have more copies of it on her friend list. Making this crochet bunny pattern looks tricky, but it is not; you’ll need the Himalaya dolphin baby yarn and (4 number) hook to create this pattern. You can create the bunny as a single piece and then add the long flappy ears for this bunny pattern.


Crochet Velvet Bunny Pattern:

Crochet Velvet Bunny Pattern

Velvet is the softest yarn and, in my opinion, the best to make children’s accessories. So, without wasting any time, get the Bernat baby velvet yarn (g) sized crochet hook in your hand and make an adorable crochet toy for your baby. Work in rounds with the single crochet stitches by increasing and decreasing the rows to make this stunning crochet bunny pattern. You can also follow the link below for more information about this crochet bunny pattern.


Crochet Retro Bunny Pattern:

Crochet Retro Bunny Pattern

Beautify your home with a unique handmade crochet retro bunny pattern; it looks so admirable in Rico baby-soft cotton DK yarn shades. Your baby will also love this excellent crochet bunny. This crochet bunny pattern is relatively easy; work in a spiral without joining the round for the head, and the rest of the bunny is crocheted flat.


Crochet Bunny Hat Pattern:

Crochet Bunny Hat Pattern

Make your home ready for Easter with this gorgeous crochet bunny hat pattern. Because of the cute texture and color combination, this crochet bunny is everyone’s favorite. Use the same color combo of pink and white to create this crochet bunny; it’ll look so cool. The (white-pink) worsted weight yarn and (h) size crochet hook will need to make this crochet bunny pattern.


Crochet Newborn Bunny Hat Pattern:

Crochet Newborn Bunny Hat Pattern

A cute and beautiful crochet newborn bunny pattern is available for you. Because of the softest texture and the smaller size, everyone indeed loves this great pattern. Its creation is also too easy, making it a crocheter favorite; first, crochet the ears; secondly, make the hat, and the last, stitch them together. It will be the easiest crochet bunny pattern; you’ll need the super bulky yarn and (10mm) crochet hook to make this pattern.


Crochet Spring Bunnies Pattern:

Crochet Spring Bunnies Pattern

Here is a cute family of crochet bunnies waiting for you. With the arrival of spring this year, you’ll surely notice these cute crochet bunnies best to adore your home’s beautification. Make a male, female, and child version of cute crochet bunnies to complete their family. The creation of all these bunnies is the same; make a bit of variation at the end to distinguish them.


Crochet Dress Me Bunny Pattern:

Crochet Dress Me Bunny Pattern

This crochet bunny pattern is derived from the valentine bear range, but because of its cutest design, this crochet dresses me in a bunny pattern with its vast fan base. You can make different wearings for your bunnies to change your home’s decor regularly after a few days. The supplies required to make this crochet dress-up are worsted weight yarn and a (3.75mm) crochet hook. For further assistance with this pattern, follow the below link.


Free Crochet Bunny Pattern:

Free Crochet Bunny Pattern

Here is something special to make beautiful gifts for your babies; this stuffed crochet bunny pattern is best to use as a paying accessory and make impressive additions to your home. The berroco comfort worsted weight yarn and (g) will make this gorgeous crochet bunny pattern. Make several copies of this crochet bunny pattern. It will also be best for gift-giving.


Crochet Layla Bunny:

Free Crochet Layla Bunny Pattern

A baby shower is an occasion for giving adorable bunnies/bears as gifts. That’s why we present this crochet Layla bunny pattern for making beautiful gift-giving items here. All you need to make this fun crochet bunny pattern are Paton’s classic wool roving frosted yarn and (5mm) crochet hook. It will be a great pattern, and you’ll surely enjoy making it.


Crochet Zipzip Bunny Pattern:

Free Crochet Zipzip Bunny Pattern

Here is the cutest and most adorable crochet bunny pattern available for you. It looks unique because of the softest colored sport weight yarn art jeans yarn, which provides this pattern an extra softness. If you’re crocheting for babies, nothing can be perfect than this crochet zip-zip bunny pattern. Make a pair of this cute crochet zip-zip bunny pattern; you’ll surely love its beautification.


Crochet Baby Bunny Overall Pattern:

Free Crochet Baby Bunny Overall Pattern

This cute crochet bunny pattern will be a superb choice for making a unique huggable cute companion for your baby girl. It’s very easy to make. Get the granny knit cotton yarn (2.75mm) crochet hook, and start making this stunning crochet bunny pattern. You can also alter the color combination to make a superb pair of bunnies according to your desire. You can also follow the link below for more information about this pattern.


The Flopsy Bunny Amigurumi Reveal Pattern:

Free Crochet The Flopsy Bunny Amigurumi Reveal Pattern

This cutest little flop-eared bunny will be a superb choice for making an exciting and unique accessory for children. When you’re looking for a gift-giving, cozier crochet bunny pattern, these crochet flopsy bunny amigurumi reveal patterns will be the best choice for you. For further details and the complete guide about the stitch combination and the written pattern, you can consider the link below.


Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern:

Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern

Make an adorable crochet bunny for children and beautify your home décor by following this stunning Easter crochet bunny pattern. A plastic egg has been used in this crochet bunny pattern, so it will be best to use it for easter decorations. The supplies you’ll need to make this crochet bunny pattern are plastic egg, Lily Sugar ‘n Cream Cotton Yarn, felt pieces, and (f) size crochet hook.


Crochet Bunny Hat Pattern:

Free Crochet Bunny Hat Pattern

Here is the easiest crochet bunny pattern to make impressive decorative additions for easter and make things adorable for children’s use. You can use it for the children, and your baby will look so cute wearing this gorgeous crochet bunny hat pattern. The excellently soft “I love this cotton” yarn and (I) size crochet hook will need to create this crochet bunny pattern.


Bunny Napkin Ring Pattern:

Free Crochet Bunny Napkin Ring Pattern

This adorable and cozy crochet bunny pattern will be a superb addition to your home décor for the coming holiday season. Because of the smaller size and the napkin fastened along with her arm, this bunny provides a unique outlook. You can crochet it within a few minutes using the worsted weight yarn and (g) size crochet hook. It will be a superb beautifying accessory, and you’ll surely enjoy making it.


Amigurumi Friendly Pattern:

Amigurumi Friendly Pattern

Here is the simplest and most beautiful crochet bunny pattern available; it will be a good choice for making a cute handmade soft companion for your beloved child. It’s a completely beginner-friendly pattern, and you’ll surely enjoy making it. So without wasting any time, get the worsted weight red heart with love solids yarn, (g) size crochet hook in your hand, and start making an adorable addition to your home décor.


Baby Amigurumi Pattern:

Baby Amigurumi Pattern

Small-sized amigurumi are so loved to crochet. So, follow this crochet baby bunny amigurumi pattern to welcome the spring season. Make several copies of this crochet bunny pattern in different solid colors for your home; they; will be a part of your long till easter’s arrival. The supplies you’ll need to make this crochet bunny pattern are red heart super saver yarn and (g) size crochet hook.


Crochet Get Ready For Bunny Season Pattern:

Get Ready For Season Pattern

Get ready for the bunny season by adding this crochet bunny pattern to your home décor. Because of the simplest design and the unique color combination, every crocheter must love this admirable pattern. You can also utilize the leftover pieces of yarn for this crochet bunny pattern; the (2-2.5)mm crochet hook will require this crochet pattern; changing the hook’s size may affect the finished size of your bunny.


Security Blanket Pattern:

Security Blanket Pattern

When making accessories for babies, they must be cozy and soft; that’s why I selected this crochet bunny security blanket pattern for making an adorable, usable accessory for your beloved ones. This pink-colored crochet bunny amigurumi pattern looks admirable; you have to start by making the bunny and then work on the blanket. You can follow the link below to get more information about this pattern.


Ears Wooden Teether:

 Ears Wooden Teether

This crochet bunny ear pattern is quite easy to work on and will be the best choice for beautification throughout the year. Use the combinations of single and slip stitches with lily sugar ‘n cream cotton yarn and (g) size crochet hook to create this crochet bunny pattern. You can use this bunny pattern as a wall hanging or beautifying accessory for other crochet items. I suggest using the lighter-weight plastic ring for this crochet pattern because it will keep your bunny ears lightweight.