25 Cute Free Crochet Toy Patterns

Patterns for crocheted toys make great gifts for kids. Crocheted toys are great one-of-a-kind gifts for people of all ages. It doesn’t take much time or yarn to crochet toys. Try one of these 20 free crochet toy patterns if you need a quick idea for a handmade gift. With these free toy patterns, you can make one-of-a-kind toys for your kids, friends’ kids, or to sell to make some extra cash.

Toys are a great first thing to crochet. These free patterns are easy enough for a beginner to follow and will give you a lot of practise. The toys made from these patterns are cute and fun, and kids of all ages love them.

Crochet Toy Patterns

These small animals, dolls, and characters are especially fun for babies to play with. Crochet toys are fun, cheap, and easy to make, and they last for a long time. Take some cute crochet patterns with you the next time you go see friends or family, and you’ll have fun crocheting wherever you go. These toys also make great gifts for party guests. You can use these crochet toy patterns for free as long as you don’t sell them.

You might be surprised to learn that many people have trouble crocheting, but not knitting. A lot of people don’t know how to crochet because they think it’s hard and only good for making granny squares and potholders. Not at all. ( It is harder than knitting, though. To make toys, you don’t have to know how to knit. You can crochet them because here we are, giving you steps to crochet your own toy pattern that are fun and useful.

How do you crochet a plush toy?

Crochet is a craft that is surprisingly easy to learn. Most people who have tried it have ended up loving it, and a surprising number of them have made something, even if it wasn’t the finished article.
This beginner’s lesson will show you everything you need to get started. You’ll learn how to set up a crochet hook, thread your yarn, and make a slip knot. You’ll also learn about the different types of crochet stitches, including the basic chain stitch, single crochet, and double crochet.
Once you’ve mastered those, you’ll find out how to create the basic shapes for stuffed animals, like circles, squares, and triangles.
Once you’ve mastered those, you’ll learn how to add details, like legs and ahead, and how to sew it all together. And finally, you’ll learn how to make stuffing and sew the stuffing into the base of the finished piece.
After this lesson, you’ll have everything you need to make an adorable crocheted stuffed animal. With planning and practice, you could crochet a plush toy in as little as a day.


  • Yarn
  • Embroidery thread
  • safety eyes or buttons
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • Suitable crochet hook
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • 1 locking stitch marker (optional


magic ring
ch – chain
ss – slip stitch
sc – single crochet
hdc – half double crochet
sc2tog – single crochet 2 together
invdec – invisible decrease (an alternative to the sc2tog stitch)

Crochet Volumetric Halloween Bat Toy Pattern:

Crochet Volumetric Halloween Bat Toy Pattern

I designed this cute bat for fun, which turned out to be very adorable. I used only basic stitches to create his body and wings; detailed instructions and some guidance will teach you how to make him. The bat can be a tricky shape to work with, this volumetric bat pattern allows you to easily create a bat toy without the difficulty of a traditional bat shape. Working in a spiral and then sewing up the back, this bat is fast and easy to whip up!


Crochet Allie The Alpaca Toy Pattern:

Crochet Allie The Alpaca Toy Pattern

The adorable crochet Allie the Alpaca toy is just the right size to hug! Crocheted in bulky yarn, this squishy alpaca toy is extremely forgiving, so you can crochet one without obsessing over stitch counts. Super squishy Crochet Allie pattern turns a very forgiving and fuzzy yarn into an adorable plush. Crochet her in about 4 hours and enjoy the time you’ve taken to put a smile on someone’s face and watch them squeeze and hug their new best friend.


Crochet Fairy Tooth Pillow Pattern:

Crochet Fairy Tooth Pillow Pattern

This is a crochet fairy pillow pattern that makes a great addition to any home. It features a removable cotton-polyester pillow inside with a small pocket for holding money. The tooth pocket is big enough to hold multiple baby teeth, and the smiley face made from felt or fabric adds a sweet touch. This pillow offers a variety of elements, so you can customize it in any way you’d like!


Crochet Ferdi The Fox & Walt The Wolf Rattle Pattern:

Crochet Ferdi The Fox & Walt The Wolf Rattle Pattern

Ferdi the Fox and Walt the Wolf Rattle is an adorable crochet toy for a baby. With a soft stuffed body and cute floppy ears, this fox rattle crochet pattern works up quickly and makes an adorable gift for a baby shower. It can also be paired with our Ferdi the Fox and Walt the Wolf Crochet Toy Pattern to make a really special gift for any baby.


Crochet Rocket’s Toy Ducky Pattern:

Crochet Rocket's Toy Ducky Pattern

These are so much fun to make, are very versatile in the ways you can use them! Think baby shower gifts, give-away treats for kids’ birthdays, toys for pet lovers… Or just the perfect gift for anyone who loves ducks!


Llama Crochet Toy Pattern:

Llama Crochet Toy Pattern

Get ready to gift a llama! The complete pattern gives you detailed instructions to crochet this adorable llama toy. This is the pattern for a small stuffed llama named Lluna. She’s simple to make with just a few easy stitches and would be a great addition to any nursery room or playroom. Her unique shape is created with increases and decreases in the body, with an adorable head and fun little legs. Whether you make your llama all in one color or mix it up with some multi-colored stripes, Lluna the Llama is sure to be just as kind and lovable as llamas can be! She is then seamed together to give her a unique shape that looks great in your favorite colors.


Baby Penguin Amigurumi Toy Crochet Pattern:

Baby Penguin Amigurumi Toy Crochet Pattern

Meet these Baby Penguin amigurumi toys, the newest addition to the gang: They are super cute and huggable. These cute amigurumi toys are works of art for kids, collectors, pop culture fans, or for your craft projects. From the creator of the original penguin pattern comes a brand new Fluffy Penguin to love! Introducing baby penguins! There are 6 different baby penguin patterns in this set–with different colors and scarves–that make adorable amigurumi! Baby penguin amigurumi show off their cuteness with their red scarf, little toothless smiles, and tiny flippers. Perfect for helping you keep warm on cold winter days! These baby penguins were a fun project to knit up and perfect for the holiday season. Designed with beginners in mind, this pattern includes detailed photo tutorials so you can easily learn how to crochet amigurumi. The completed penguins are about 5” tall and ready to cozy up with you all winter long.


Ragdoll Mermaid Toy Pattern:

Ragdoll Mermaid Toy Free Crochet Pattern

Ragdoll Mermaid is all the whimsy a doll could ask for. Whether you’re dressing her for a day at the beach or out to play dress-up with the kids, she’s ready to go… and ready to make your day. This doll works up quickly using basic crochet stitches and stands 5 inches tall, perfect for taking on any adventure… or just relaxing on your coffee table. Worked in 100% cotton, this friendly sea-creature can swim into your life and live by the water! This free crochet pattern includes easy-to-follow instructions with pictures, so you can make sure your mermaid comes out picture-perfect. This toy is a fun, easy crochet pattern that’s sure to delight kids and adults alike. This adorable doll can be moved around in all sorts of poses and makes an adorable buddy for the bath. Made from simple stitches and materials that can be found in just about any yarn stash. It’s perfect for even the newest crocheters and works up in just a couple of hours!


Huggable Lion Pillow Crochet Pattern:

Huggable Lion Pillow Crochet Pattern

All children need a friend to cuddle with under the covers. This little lion cub will make any child’s night more fun and sweet. The crochet pattern is easy to follow and works up quickly, with the freedom of expression welcome in the world of yarn arts. Bring a little wild to your home with this Huggable Lion Crochet Pattern. Using Bernat Softee Chunky, it’s easy to make an adorable toy for kids to love while being sure not to overheat them in the process! Get ready for an adorable new friend! With this crochet pillow pattern, you can create a cute Huggable Lion Pillow that kids will love having at home or on the go. Easy to make and decorated with quality materials, this little guy makes a cheerful buddy who loves hanging around and making kids smile. It is the ideal size to snuggle with without being too heavy to carry around.


Crochet Fish Bowl A Free Toy Pattern:

Crochet Fish Bowl A Free Toy Pattern

Take the boredom out of bath time with this adorable Crochet Fish Bowl Free Pattern. Enjoy hours of fun playtime with your baby or toddler. This fun little fish bowl-free crochet pattern is perfect for babies and toddlers 12 months and older. It measures 8 inches wide by 6 inches high, making it the perfect size for little hands to pick up and throw into the bathtub. This fish bowl toy is great for babies and toddlers, who’ll love playing with the fish, rings, and rattle balls. Popular patterns include crochet toys that can be stuffed with poly-fill or rice for a sensory toy. Baby rattles are also perfect for introducing babies to sounds, textures, colors, and animal names.

This crochet pattern is great to stow away in the bottom of your diaper bag, so you always will have an activity handy when you find yourself waiting at the doctor’s office or a restaurant. The materials are easy to find and inexpensive, so that you can make this for very little money, plus the pattern is really easy to follow. After crocheting this cute crochet fish bowl toy, your baby or toddler will have fun filling it up with water, toys, or even sand to play with sensory material.


Cuddle Me Elephant Crochet Pattern:

Cuddle Me Elephant Crochet Pattern

Have you ever seen an elephant that looks like this? So adorable! Now you can make one with this Cuddle Me Elephant Crochet Pattern. I love the face she has, and she is soft and snugly, perfect for cuddling. Snuggle up with this cute little Free Crochet Elephant pattern. I think you are going to love him as much as the children in your life do. He’s extremely cuddly, perfect for bedtime, and great yarn busters. He gives a big hug due to the slouchy body and arms. Perfect for a baby shower gift or for a grandchild. The pattern works up very quickly even though it looks intricate. This would be a great yarn buster as you could use any yarn, any hook and it would work up beautifully.


Rocket Free Crochet Toy Pattern:

Rocket Free Crochet Toy Pattern

Something about rockets just appeals to kids. Perhaps that’s because of the way they seem to cut through the air, their speed, or maybe it is because they are getting ready to blast off into space. Either way, rockets are fun! This crochet rocket makes a great companion during long trips or quiet time on a rainy day. A cute and cuddly rocket is ready to take off into the world of your little space lover! This fun astronaut has propellers on his feet, follows you around when not in flight, and is just adorable. He makes a wonderful gift for little ones who can’t get enough of outer space. This wonderfully soft and squishy rocket is made with special crochet techniques. It’s a fun way to learn new stitches and make something unique to add to your toy collection!


Crochet Unicorn Slap Bracelet Pattern

Who knew a slap bracelet and a tiny crochet unicorn could make such a cute combination? This crochet toy is perfect for little girls. The pattern includes an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to wrap the bracelet around the wrist and attach the unicorn head loop. Keep it simple, or get really creative and add colors, or beads. All kids love slap bracelets and this crochet unicorn bracelet is no different. A great handmade gift for little girls and boys everywhere, teach them to take their favorite toy with them wherever they go. The perfect accessory for the holidays, bridal party, school functions, bar mitzvahs, birthday gifts, or just because! It is an easy project that kids can make to wear on the go. Make them in lots of colors with different yarns for all your friends!


Owl Toy Crochet Pattern:

Owl Toy Crochet Pattern

If you are looking for an easy owl crochet pattern, Crochet Owl 2 is the pattern for you. This owl crochet pattern includes detailed instructions and photos to help guide you through while you make this adorable stuffed owl toy. A fun quick project that the whole family will enjoy making. This Owl Toy Crochet Pattern is a straightforward and inexpensive project that yields excellent results and is suitable for crocheters of almost any skill level. Because it’s such an easy pattern, beginners may find it especially appealing (and fun to make!). This owl toy is great for beginners who want to get started with amigurumi crochet projects. He’s small and precious and made with soft acrylic yarn for lots of cuddly playtime fun.


Playtime Sandwich Crochet Pattern:

Playtime Sandwich Crochet Pattern

Crochet this fun medley of colorful characters for your next tea party, or give it as a gift to a special little one. You can’t help but have fun when making this vegan sandwich with the bright colors of Lily Sugar’n Cream. Try this fun set of sandwich cookies to present to your little one’s friends for their next party. This instant download project is made with Lily Sugar’n Cream to fit your darling girl. When you make this adorable PlayTime Sandwich for a little girl’s tea party, your gift will provide hours of fun. If you are planning an upcoming baby shower or a guest appearance by the princesses, this is a great addition to your bag of guest-pleasing tricks. It can be made in any color you choose with the perfect embellishments to match your little girl’s personality. Plus, with free instructions provided to teach you how, this is a great crochet tutorial for beginners.


Mix And Match Crochet Monster Pattern:

Mix And Match Crochet Monster Pattern

This FREE pattern will show you how to create your own personal monster. The best part is that you can put your own unique spin on it – totally alter this pattern or make up your own! Have fun and make it your own! This amigurumi pattern is an easy amigurumi pattern – even a beginner can do it! Your creativity knows no bounds when you take on the crochet monster pattern. Design your own mix and match monster using these free crochet patterns, and let your imagination run wild.

Want that hat to be bigger? Do it! Prefer different horns? Go for it! Mix and match all three free patterns until you find exactly the look you’re after. This simple Halloween pattern is designed for beginners but works up quickly so you can start creating in no time. Use your imagination and create your own crochet monster with this free pattern. Use different colors and give them different body parts like spikes, tentacles, and extra eyes! Be as creative as you can and remember -the sillier and cuter, the better.


Lola The Crochet Plushy Unicorn Pattern:

Lola The Crochet Plushy Unicorn Pattern

Lola is made by simple single crochets and easy amigurumi techniques. She’s so snuggly you’ll be tempted to take her everywhere, even though she is just a stuffed animal! Lola is boneless, making her super-soft and squishable—just how all plushies should be. You can feel nice knowing that you’re also helping an animal in need with every purchase! Lola is a chunky, whimsical, super-cute crochet plushy unicorn that is a joy to make and a pleasure to snuggle with. Her body is created from a series of easy single-crochet rounds, the head and mane are created using simple increases and then there’s lots of fun stuffing involved! Don’t be fooled by Lola’s chunky size – she strikes an elegant pose that is sure to bring on some serious unicorn envy among your fellow plushies.


Crochet Sock Monkey Toy Pattern:

Crochet Sock Monkey Toy Pattern

Monkeys are DIY crafters’ favorite. With this free DIY sock monkey pattern, you won’t have to be a pro to create a unique gift for someone special. This Sock Monkey crochet pattern is an imaginative toy to make for your favorite little one or to gift any child that needs a new pal. It’s bright, colorful, and easily made with Caron Simply Soft yarn. Monkey around with your imagination, create an adorable rag doll toy and make some children smile. This pattern uses one skein of the yarn listed, the whales are easy to understand but don’t forget your basic knowledge on making amigurumi toys before attempting this pattern. This Crochet Sock Monkey Pattern is a great project to make for kids of all ages. You can use any color you like or choose from the colors suggested in the pattern.


Orbit The Dragon Crochet Toy Pattern:

Orbit The Dragon Crochet Toy Pattern

Make yourself the most lovable Dragon ever! This crochet toy is super easy to make. Orbit the Dragon is a soft, sweet dragon that a baby or child will cherish. Made with worsted weight yarn and appropriate-size hooks, this pattern is very easy to follow and contains clear instructions and pictures for each step. The great thing about this pattern is that it includes an adjustment for different sizes of yarn so that you can make it with any weight. The dragon has a sweet face, big wings, little arms, and lots of love to give. Since it is crocheted, you can whip this one up in no time. The pattern, PDF format, tells you how to measure your little one’s head so you can make sure this dragon will fit perfectly. Enjoy!


Happy Little Car Plane And Truck Crochet Pattern:

Happy Little Car Plane And Truck Crochet Pattern

Whether baby likes chasing vehicles or doesn’t care, either way, this is the toy to get. Both vehicles make interesting sounds. The truck says “Vroom, Vroom.” The plane says, “Swoosh, Swoosh.”Enjoy hours of fun while your little one is playing with their Happy Little Car, Plane, and Truck crochet toy! These toys are crocheted with Red Heart Super Saver yarn in bright colors. The happy little airplane features embroidered eyes, little wings, and a propeller on top. Open your door to the world of possibilities with this entertaining assortment of crochet toys. Each colorful toy is soft, cuddly, and perfect for budding little fingers. And when playtime is over, they can be tossed into the washing machine for easy care, making them great for dorm rooms, campers, or day care centers.


Huggable Crochet Alpaca Toy Pattern:

Huggable Crochet Alpaca Toy Pattern

This crochet alpaca toy is just the right size to cuddle! The nice thing about it is that the pattern is easy enough for beginners to follow but also includes tips and tricks for more experienced crocheters out there. The pattern makes it easy to create an adorable, soft alpaca toy that is sure to be loved by kids of all ages. The Huggable Crochet Alpaca Toy boasts a squishy body, super stretchy legs, and flappy arms. Its head features white crochet stitches around its eyes, which are embroidered for extra clarity. Show off your crocheting skills by making up to five differently-colored alpacas, or follow the pattern for this alpaca to make one that’s perfectly unique! Although she may look complicated to make with all of her detailing, she is made in two pieces using basic crochet stitches you are probably familiar with by now.


Rocketship And Alien Crochet Pattern:

Rocketship And Alien Crochet Pattern

Red Heart crochet toys are a great way to introduce kids to the joys of handcrafting. Using a small amount of yarn, they can decorate themselves with a rocket ship, aliens, and UFOs. Or Who better to instill fear in the hearts of your friends than an alien and its trusty rocket ship? Crochet these toys using 1 ball of yarn. Bunny lovers will also enjoy making both toys using shades of pastel, creating a whole family. Let their imaginations soar as they have hours of fun playing with their new toys or dolls! This set of adorable toys are easy to crochet, making it perfect for beginners. Crochet each small alien with the rocket ship and watch the kids’ faces light up! This pattern allows you to customize your crocheted toys through different colors or positions. Pair them up as shown to make an extra special gift for any occasion.


Crochet Narwhal Toy Pattern:

Crochet Narwhal Toy Pattern

A Crochet Narwhal Toy Free Pattern! This creature is a cross between a unicorn and a narwhal. Who doesn’t love a narwhal? They look so cute and cuddly. This is definitely going to be the next project on your list. It just goes to show that you can crochet just about whatever you want without very difficult patterns.’ This adorable amigurumi crochet narwhal toy is going to be a big hit with kids and the kid inside, too! With a sweet pastel-colored design and a lovely smile, this little guy is sure to bring joy to your life. Gentle yet effective, this darling crochet narwhal toy is the perfect gift for anyone who needs cheering up. Stash it in your purse or backpack so you’ll never be caught without a smile. Or simply share the crochet love by making this cute ami to give to friends, family, co-workers, teachers, or any special little people in your life. Make one today — you’re sure to fall head over fins!


Crochet Toy Bunny Pattern:

Crochet Toy Bunny Pattern

Create these tiny amigurumi bunnies with just single crochet, basic increases, and decreases! This is an easy pattern for beginner crocheters, but more advanced crocheters will love making their own modifications. Let this cotton-tailed cutie inspire you to crochet! This sweet and simple bunny is part of our Kawaii series of crochet patterns. Use just single crochet, and you can complete one in just a few evenings. This easy bunny pattern is perfect for beginners and uses only single crochet (sc). The ears are done with increases and decreases. This sweet BABY bunny crochet pattern makes an ideal gift for Easter, baby showers, or any time of the year. Materials needed:


  • 90 yards of bulky weight yarn
  • Size J/10 (6.0 mm) crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • 1 locking stitch marker (optional – to mark the beginning of continuous rounds)


Crochet Toy Mouse Pattern:

Crochet Toy Mouse Pattern

Make this crochet toy mouse for your child or grandchild to play with or give as a special gift. Brighten their day by giving them a handmade gift they can play with! The pattern is written in US terms to make it easy for crocheters from other countries to make the mouse. The mouse is crocheted using DK/light worsted weight yarn and just takes 18 m/20 yards of yarn, so makes an ideal way to use up little oddments of yarn. Also, the body and tail are all one piece, just the ears are made separately, so very little sewing is needed. These can be made as Christmas decorations, like little presents for children or friends, or just as lovely reminders of the sea whilst you sit at this desk this winter! The mouse can be made in any color and his lovely tail is completely covered in fluffy fun fur making it super sexy and cool!