20+ Free Crochet Donkey Patterns

With these free crochet donkey patterns, you can add a farm theme to your home this season. Crochet donkey patterns are easy and fun to make, and they can easily be changed into crochet zebra patterns or crochet unicorn patterns by making small color changes or by adding horns. So, if you’re looking for cute crochet donkey patterns that are easy to make and come in a variety of designs and colors, this great list will make you smile all the time.

Also, if you try these crochet amigurumi patterns, you’ll be able to make beautiful donkey patterns to play with. Crochet donkeys can also be given to babies, boys, and girls as their best friends to hug and sleep with. As we all know, crocheting is no longer just for making sweaters and shawls like your grandmother used to make. But it has made its circle and place in the world of making things by hand bigger.

Making different toys and things for the house is a great way to get better at crochet and learn its basic stitches. You can make your crochet amigurumi donkey patterns look different by using different colors of yarn and stitches. They will make them look even more beautiful and charming! So take a look and put the one you like best on your next list of things to do.

Donkey Amigurumi Pattern:

This amigurumi crochet pattern for a donkey is so cute and adorable that it makes everyone smile right away. It looks a lot like the pattern for a unicorn, but there aren’t any horns on his head and the colors don’t change much. It has a full look because of its mane and tail. And trust me, you can finish this crochet amigurumi in a few hours. It’s not that hard. This doney pattern is great if you’re looking for a cute amigurumi pattern for your kids or a gift for your loved ones’ babies on their special days.


Amy The Donkey Pattern:

Free Crochet Amy The Donkey Pattern

You could not refuse to hug this cute Crochet Amy The Donkey. It’s a straightforward and fastly done project to show off your inner crochet abilities. After finishing this project, it will become your new favorite project from projects you have ever crocheted. With beautiful color combinations and tiny features, it attracts everyone to love this donkey pattern and makes it crazy.


Patriotic Donkey Scrubby

Patriotic Scrubby Pattern

Just bring versatility and add new imaginations to your crochet patterns with this chunky crochet donkey scrubby. It’s an enjoyable and beginner-friendly project that adds a pop of colors to your dull decorations.  Plus, its blue, white, and red colors make it perfect for patriotic day decorations and preparations. But, this pattern is not limited to these colors; you can go with any other color combinations to add a seasonal or occasional housewarming project to your space decor.


Sad Donkey Amigurumi

Sad Donkey Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

This Sad Donkey Amigurumi Crochet Pattern looks so innocent, and it seems that it is calling someone to share his feelings with him. So, be first to become his friend by crocheting this pattern with your own hands. In this way, you would be able to listen to his all sorrows and reasons for sadness and try to make them less. This could also be given to your very close friends or your kids. No matter what colors you will choose for it, it will go perfectly amazing in any color and shade.


Samu The Crochet Donkey Pattern:

Samu The Pattern

Here is another outstanding free crochet Samu The Donkey Pattern with a long neck, long tail, and hairy mane. It’s bigger than other crochet donkey patterns that differ from others. Flowers on his back or body add extra happy details to increase its beauty and charm. You can display it at your own home, in your kid’s room, or even gift it to your little ones. So just pick up your crochet hook, grab the yarn in your favorite colors, and get started to crochet this lovely doney to polish your talent of crocheting!


Free Crochet Donkey Keychain Pattern: Here is a little sized donkey shaped crochet keychain pattern available for you. Because of the superb texture and the softness, you’ll love to add this keychain to your useable. If you’re looking for a super cute crochet gift for your beloved ones, this keychain will be the best choice for you.

Free Crochet Donkey Photography Prop Pattern: Make some cute wearing accessories for your beloved toddler by following this donkey photography prop pattern. Its creation is easier, but your child will look so cute wearing this admirable crochet donkey pattern. You crochet it in a bigger size to use as a costume for children’s role play.

Free Crochet Dearest Donkey Pattern: Donkey is everyone’s favorite, especially in the toy version children love to play with this crochet dearest donkey pattern. Its creation is quite fun. The adorable shaping will make it your favorite accessory; you can also use this adorable crochet donkey pattern as a decorative piece for home and desire to make more like this for gift giving.

Crochet Applique Donkey Pattern Free: Make smaller-sized crochet donkeys in a few minutes to use as a super cute applique for the embellishment of your crochet accessories because of the superb texture and easier making, and you’ll desire to add more cute donkeys to your home decor.

Amigurumi Donkey And Horse Crochet Pattern Free: Making smaller-sized crochet donkeys will be fun, especially when you’re crocheting them for your beloved little ones. So try this most adorable crochet donkey pattern to make admirable amigurumi, children’s toys, and a lot more fun accessories. We make a pair of horses and donkeys here, but surely both of these are absolutely cute and magnificently easier to try.

Crochet Neddy The Donkey Free Pattern: Follow this crochet donkey pattern to make a cute little amigurumi on your own. Because of the admirable texture and the unique combination of stitches, you’ll love this crochet donkey. It can also be perfect for giving some smaller-sized softer animals as a charity.

Free Crochet Donkey Patterns

Make this lovely and cute Little Donkey Crochet Pattern to make your holiday season more fun and interesting. Its tight stitches give it a neat and beautiful finishing look and make it more adorable. Crochet it to display it as a stunning display piece to Christmas decorations or give it an impressive gift at any of your events – it will prove a great choice for any of these purposes.

Enjoy this winter season with some fun but excellent crochet accessories with this Crochet Donkey Hat Free Pattern. It has beautiful and interesting parts, such as its mane made from eyelash yarn, while braids also add an interesting touch to its look. You can go with any of your favorite color combinations and according to your kid’s likings.

Try this fabulously made Little Crochet Donkey Rattle Pattern that will grab your attention. It’s a handy and stunning donkey head amigurumi pattern that will make a fascinating home decoration.

Just say hello to this kind of slowpoke, and really obey Crochet Slowpoke The Donkey Pattern Free. He is very gentle and likes to do his job really great. You can crochet it very easily and quickly; no specific crochet skills are required to complete this amigurumi pattern. It’s soft and cuddly, and your kids will love to play with it happily.

Here is another soft and cute  Funky Amigurumi Donkey Free Crochet Pattern that will really impress you. You could cuddle it at sleep time and play it at day time. So, crochet it for your kids to let them enjoy both of these times and make it a reason to bring a permanent smile to your kid’s face.

Add this beautiful set of Free Crochet Pattern For Donkey And Ox that will surely impress your relatives and guest who will visit your home. You can display them or gift them to your little ones or loved one’s kids that will happily accept them.

Free Crochet Donkey Patterns

If you have a cute little doll at home, make it more beautiful by wearing it with some fabulous dress like this Free Crochet Donkey Suit Pattern. This donkey suit pattern is small and perfect for a baby doll; even you will make it within one hour. You can make this pattern more creative and functional by making ears and tail on a suit that symbolizes the donkey.

Make this Baby Amigurumi Donkey Free Crochet Pattern that is adorable and cute amigurumi for your home. This amigurumi pattern with the cute face and attractive mane hairstyle makes a perfect toy for anyone. The size of this donkey is the main feature of all its features. Moreover, the safety eyes and ears on this pattern make it too real and cute. So pick up your hook and try this amigurumi for home.

Check out this Free Crochet Perki The Donkey Pattern that is an adorable and gorgeous toy for your baby. You can use any yarn and appropriate hook to make this donkey toy. The green scarf on the neck of the donkey looks so attractive and elegant. The ears and little tail on this pattern make it a perfect toy for your baby to play with it.

If you are arranging a party at home, make some toys and amigurumi for children there; this Toy Animal Amigurumi Donkey Free Crochet Pattern will help you in this regard. This donkey amigurumi is also perfect for party decoration because it includes the garland and party hat with its body. You can make this amigurumi pattern in one part that starts from bottom to up, then the body, and head. Moreover, you will need a single stitch, slip stitch, and chain stitches to make this cute donkey amigurumi.

Look at this adorable Crochet Rainbow Donkey Pattern inspired by the popular webcomic, the evil squirrel’s nest. You can also add cute and beautiful characters to your life by making this donkey pattern. You will know about the new term “longicorn,” which includes donkeys with unicorn styles that look amazing. Moreover, you will quickly turn this pattern to a horse or any other unicorn animal by adjusting the ears, nose, and other parts.

This Make Crochet Amigurumi Donkey Pattern In 2 Sizes is a worthwhile and adorable project for you. You will make two amigurumi patterns at one time by just enhancing the amount of yarn. Donkey in two sizes will make by using the same stitches and techniques but add one more strand of yarn to make a large size pattern. The following pattern will give you all the necessary instructions about the pattern; there are just two inches difference between the small and large size donkey.

Free Crochet Donkey Patterns